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High and Tight: Best Mens haircut trend 2020

If you’re seeming for a vigorous haircut with least fuss, you can’t go past the high and tight haircut. Encouraged by the military, this cut, which features faded or completely shaved sides and back with a longer, yet but quite short, top is clean and pure yet also robust and manly. As such, it comes as no wonder that this style is a perilously popular look for gents. What is shocking, though, is the many modifications that now exist of this classic hairstyle. So, if you’re looking for a sharp modern look, you can be sure there’s an opportunity to suit your style, and we can help you find it. Here, we’ve turned up the best high and tight haircut for men


High and Tight Haircuts number

Classic High and Tight

The perfect high and tight is a least yet stunning haircut. It features skin-shaved sides and back with a somewhat longer length on top. As an undercut haircut, the look is different and bold. However, due to its short shores, the style continues detailed and smart. This classic cut is often diminished by members of the military, who are called “jarheads” due to the cut’s lid-like display on top.


high and tight no fade

For a lighter take on the high and tight, you can opt for a more regular fade on the sides. To nail the look, ask your hairdresser for a high fade with a short length on top. The effect will be a powerful presence that’s perfect for every time.

high and tight haircut marines

high and tight haircut military

If you’re holding a high and tight fade and want models of this legendary military haircut, check out the styling on the images below to decide if this hairstyle is right for you. Our design will give you ideas on tight fades as well as a path to tailor this very short men’s hairstyle to your requirements.

high and tight no fade

high and tight haircut with beard

if you want to increase the strength of your high and tight haircut, you can recognize partnering it with a beard. Not only will the beard complement your manly cut, but it’ll also check out your hair’s insignificant proportions.

 long high and tight haircut

high and tight haircut black guy

There are several varied hairstyles for black men to devise all varieties of looks. From looking at your most reliable in business meetings to a party, you must choose a cut that you are comfortable with.


high and tight haircut army

long high and tight haircut

For a more contemporary take on the high and tight, you can request your barber for a slightly longer length on top. However, be sure to keep the cut almost small unless your high and tight will turn into a detached undercut.


high and tight haircut with beard

High and tight haircut army

Military enthusiasts will show you that putting a hand flat on top of your head and stripping anything not covered by it is the only way that produces a true high and tight, but in modern years things have thankfully fit a little more refined.


What do I require for the high and tight?

Since the high and tight is such an easy haircut, you don’t need anything in the way of results. So if you’re usually busy and can’t give enough time to styling your hair as you’d like, the high and tight could be a great option for you. If you have sufficient hair left on top or opt for a longer length, you can style the hair, but most men who use the high and tight choose to not style it. If you do want to style it, a light hold gel or wax will be more than enough to keep it in place.

high and tight haircut numbers

How to Cut the High and Tight?

Ere you begin cutting, make sure you understand how wide you need your top strip of hair to be. Make mental markers at its boundaries so you don’t inadvertently clip the top part too short. The tape should go to the vertex of your head. This will create a “high” figure.

high and tight haircut army

What Is A High & Tight?

Clippers high on the back and rivals and cropped close and tight on the top, the high and tight is like Justin, not just because it’s super-manly, yet also because it does precisely what it states on the tin.


What Do I Require For The High and Tight?

Not much is required to get a high and tight haircut for men. However, you’ll want at least an inch of hair length on top of your head to evade making a simple buzz cut. Otherwise, no specific hair styling products are assured.


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