mens long hairstyles

10+ Best Sexy incredible Mens Long Hairstyles 2019

Mens Long Hairstyles

Before you start considering mens long hairstyles are just for ‘girly guys’ or trying arts and musicians it’s time to take a deep hard look at yourself. We’re being in the 21st-century, which indicates the lines among strength and kindness are obscured, to say the smallest, and long hair on men is far more pleasant. It’s even reflected stylish.

mens long hairstyles 2019


Mens long hairstyles for fine straight hair


If you’re one of the lucky few who can improve their hair past their ears, then good on you. Long hair is especially hard to manage and dealing with the ‘in-between’ length is even more dangerous, but if you get past that you’ll have something that’s the bitterness of most. You’ll find the majority of hair makes wavy once it gets longer which is a fabulous look for the Point Break guys. If you’re into straighter styles then Jared Leto’s current do is much cooler too.

mens long hairstyles for fine straight hair

Best Hairstyles for Long Hair

To recap, there is a variety of long hairstyles that are suitable for both formal and casual events. So whether you need to look able at work or sexy at prom, the right long hairstyle is out there. Longer hair is an exceptional option that a lot of men don’t consider, and it becomes a lot less work than most assume.

As long haircut styles are usually overlooked, willing to wear your hair longer will set you aside from the crowd. Extra length means more versatility and choices. Though it drives effort to grow long hair, the result will be worth it.

mens long hairstyles 2018


In interest to plenty of choices, men with long hair also have the luxury of not wanting to style their hair every day and rather, letting the volume, shine, and length express for itself. It is essential to note that mens long hairstyles do need extra hair care common to women’s hair care.



Medium long hairstyles for men

Whether you want to change up your appearance or are thinking of growing your hair out and need some more abundant hair options, here are some sexy medium long hairstyles for men with long hair!

long hairstyle for boy

Mens long hairstyles with bangs

Man Bun

You might have guessed that the man bun was just a moving trend, but it’s held around and now appears to be in it for the long haul. That shouldn’t be shocking because man bun styles are adaptable and easy to carry for guys with long hair.

mens long hairstyles short sides

Anyonehigher than 6 inches of hair can drag off the man’s bun hairstyle by simply changing their haircut into a man’s bun at the back of the head and accomplishing it with a hair tie. The pulled-back look is easy and suits a range of face contours and hair types, creating a entirely complimentary look.


Mens Long hairstyles for boy

Shoulder Length

Men’s shoulder-length hair is the best choice for guys who desire medium to long hair but don’t need the trouble of regularly styling their hair. If you aspire to a shoulder-length hairstyle, you can leave your hair real and unstilted or simply part it to the side for a relaxed yet stylish side-swept look.

Low lasting and easy to manage, shoulder-length hairstyles for men also allow you to examine out styles such as the man bun while keeping your everyday look. Another choice of these styles is that they bring out the natural texture in your hair.

mens long hairstyles with bangs

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